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    Course Philosophy, Aims and Objectives  

Course Philosophy

The basic philosophy behind the course is to bring persons with right kind of background and skills in the IT work place. The background would enable the student to understand and apply the IT skills to a wide range of areas of work. A fairly large part of these skills revolve around the products developed by the product developers such as Microsoft, SUN Microsystems, Oracle. These developers have prescribed minimum standard of performance for the professional to indicate their proficiency in these products through certification offered by these developers. This Aptech course aims at providing the student with the necessary IT skills to the required depth and also preparing them to achieve certification offered by these developers.


The rate of technological innovation and rapid economic developments are bringing radical change to the way we conduct business everyday. Changes that in the past might have taken years to unfold now take place in a matter of months, weeks or even days. This is especially true where the jobs, techniques and concepts change at great pace. The need for professionals to work in rapidly changing environment is to be responded by the IT training industry by constantly scanning the horizon for changes and techniques and develop professionals through appropriate training programs.

Due to the dynamic nature of the IT and IT industry, the three keywords that define the work of the training industry are (imparting) proficiency, (scanning) change and (bringing in) relevant programs.

Internet and web revolution has caught the imagination of the world and almost every conceivable application, starting from simple application like remote control of our home lighting and refrigerator or washing machine, to the conventional applications such as accessing data/knowledge bases for business and production to complex and intelligent web enabled systems such as global security systems, communication systems, intelligent diagnostics systems etc.

To make this dream happen, market needs a large number of professionals with capability to conceive the design and develop web applications in environments like J2EE and .NET.

The course aims to equip the students with these skills. It starts from very basics and moves on to building advanced web-based applications. A preparatory module is available for those students who do not have adequate background in computers.

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