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We at iDeaLogic Vietnam offer full-cycle custom web and mobile development services from business analysis, software design and prototyping to development, QA services, post-project maintenance and support. At iDeaLogic, you can work closely together with our relations in Europe and will join one of our SCRUM development cycles.



  • 3rd or 4th year students with computer science major or equivalent
  • Be familiar with C# or PHP
  • English: from pre-intermediate level up
  • Prefer candidates with working experience relating to developing
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  • If you are interested in, please send us your English CV to the email: career@idealogic.com.vn or hanhph6@fe.edu.vn
  • Or you can phone us at +84 (0) 6296 8161 (Ms. Hien)

More information

C# Intern (Position 1):

  • Learn & practice using SharePoint to manage Office documents
  • Learn & practice using Microsoft Graph API to assess Office 365 resource mails, events, tasks,etc.
  • Learn & developing Microsoft Office Add-in
  • Introduce about practicePower BI to create charts
  • Learn & practice managing bill, invoice, paymentetc., using React JS + Web API and etc.

C# Intern (Position 2):

  • Learn & practice implementing cross platformmobile app using C# , Angular JS, Entity Framework, Ionic Cordova, Clean code , Design patterns Learn & practice how to enhance existing features of an online systems
  • Learn & practice how to write cleancode in C#, JavaScript follows common coding convention in the industry Learn & practice how OOP design patterns are applied in real worldproject
  • Write/ optimize Entity Framework queries for datasetwith hundreds of millions records

C# Intern (Position 3):

  • Learn & practice to build up a Frontend application using JQuery + Bootstrap to interact with SharePoint APIs to get news/create/manage the organization news.
  • Learn & practice to build the single page applicationusing ReactJS and Fabric components to follow the Microsoft Products standards.
  • Learn how to build APIs to manage security checking constrains, authorizations and authentications across multi enterprise systems.
  • Learn how to integratedeeply with SharePointand Windows Azure using C# and Asp.Net MVC.
  • Learn how to build the components for a single page application (using ReactJS, HTML5, LESS, Webpack…) such as manage user roles, teams, permissions.
  • Also, he is responsible for making the UI consistency and consistent with Microsoft standard but qualifying the user experimentpractices.

FrontEnd Intern (Position 1):

  • Break HTML from PSD or build HTML prototype basedon given designs.
  • Directly take partin projects to build web applications using top edge technoligies such as: ReactJs, AngularJs ect.
  • Customize or maintain the given theme for backoffice, portal,etc.
  • Build UI for website applications
  • Work following given assignments,tasks and report to trainer or supervisor daily/weekly

FrontEnd Intern (Position 2):

  • Work with team in model GIT workflow.
  • Got a chance to learn& work with latestPHP techniques & frameworks.
  • Can join and support to a new project from the beginning to the end in orderto understand how the real development process is.
  • Learn how to work in the international environment.

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