Production | Backend Developers | Full Time


   •   Is responsibe for server-side web application logic and works hand in hand in a dynamic, cross functional team with other frontend, backend and QA engineers implementing customizations & customer requirements that will provide tangible results for the corporation.
•   Develop scripts and implements coding for various websites using Javascript based as NodeJS to create dynamic applications. Since these application are mainly hosted on the cloud as AWS, some experience on the cloud infrastructure will be requested, to automatize recurrent operations (dockerization, CI/CD). Also for maintenance of some legacy websites, experience on PHP are required.

•   Perform web and legacy system development, update and support.
•   Initiate and lead development of web tools and application, design and build back-office system from scratch.
•   Participle on the conception and setup of automation system to facilitate the usage and project deployment on site and on cloud.
•   Create and maintain technical documentation linked with the solution developed
•   Share and assist with colleagues on the conception, development and the platform functionality
•   Suggest any improvements linked to security, performance and the raising of the existence environments
•   Work with infrastructure team to find innovative solution
•   Delivery high level solutions or subsystems like custom API’s, database modeling and design.
•   Analyzes customer requirements and defines solutions and architecture plus assistance to the team on problems and technical roadblocks
•   Coordinate roll-out of new applications
•   Provides production support


   •   At least 2-3 years on Web Development.
•   Experience with PHP and Node.js / TypeScript.
•   Experience with RESTful / GraphQL APIs and system integrations.
•   Experience with SQL databases, and NoSQL.
•   Experience with Gitlab, Docker and CI/CD.
•   Experience with AWS is a plus.

•   Strong knowledge in PHP and JavaScript language and framework NodeJS / TypeScript.
•   In-depth understanding of the capabilities and constraints of the following frameworks
•   Laravel ,Drupal ,Vue.js,React
•   Professional knowledge multi-platforms, network programming computer science fundamentals in data structures and design patterns…, and any new technology/language implied by work-related  technology evolution.
•   Very good at research and development.
•   Flexibility and ability to adapt new technical changes as per project need.
•   Experienced with web frontend and cloud platforms is a plus.
•   Experienced on Web security (OWASP,..) is a plus.


   •   Salary range:  Negotiate
•   Starting salary range end: Depending on experience and qualifications.
•   Monthly salary alongside Tet and recognition & rewards based on your performance
•   Insurances (SI, HI, UI)
•   12 days of paid annual leave, 5 days of paid sick leave
•   Company trips, team buildings, Happy Hour
•   A dynamic workplace environment
•   Opportunities to train with experts and develop yourselves


  • 12 floor; Pico Plaza; 20 Cong Hoa; Tan Binh District; HCM

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